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Content management system that lets you create a support structure for creating and managing websites.


Free website builder.
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uCoz is a project that helps anyone who wishes to create his/her own Website. An existing site can be made more rich and interesting by expanding it with new capabilities in a very simple way. No professional experience in Web design is required and all of our offered services are FREE!

Among the offered features, we provide features that are typical to classic web hosting:

  • Unlimited FREE disk space
  • Files can be uploaded through web interface or FTP
  • In addition to the one free domain name received during registration, any other domain can be attached (it can be purchased from any registrar, e.g.
  • Backup

We also offer features typical to large CMS (Content Management Systems):

  • Database of site users with division into groups
  • Assignment of different access levels depending on a user group
  • A variety of modules realizing (not only) classical web applications (see below)
  • Full control over the design of web applications by means of HTML templates
  • Built-in visual HTML editor for those who are unfamiliar with this markup language
  • RSS import and export
  • Blocking of activity from certain IP-addresses or subnets

uCoz also offers some unique features:

  • Special template language which allows you to check different conditions when generating pages
  • Template builder which allows you to completely change the design in a very effective way
  • Possibility to extend the website functionality with the help of PHP and third party database servers like MySQL
  • Develop side applications using API

Modules are web applications which can be combined in any way to produce a site of any complexity: from simple home page with a guestbook to rather large web portal. We improve and extend our modules on a regular basis. At this moment, we offer the following 21 modules:

  • Forum (Bulletin Board)
  • E-shop
  • Site News
  • Blog (Web Journal)
  • Publisher (Article Catalog)
  • File Catalog
  • Site Catalog
  • Tag Board (Mini Chat)
  • Ad Board
  • Photo Albums
  • Online games
  • Web Polls
  • Guestbook
  • FAQ Service
  • E-mail Forms
  • Page Editor
  • Statistics (Hit Counter)
  • Site Search
  • User Management
  • Tests
  • Awards

All content modules can be adapted for different tasks. For example, Site Catalog can turn into catalog of goods, recipes, articles etc. Photo Albums can be used to make a very good wallpapers catalog with all necessary features. The name of each module only describes its preconfigured purpose and functionality.

Our website builder is designed to utilize the core principles of web development, namely:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Tuning capabilities, flexibility and simplicity
  • Attractiveness of predefined designs and capabilities of manual design modification
  • Spam and unwanted visitors protection

What you CANNOT do with uCoz:

  • use a uCoz account as file storage
  • make "doorways"

Leave your doubts behind. Join uCoz community right now!


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