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Excellent Experience
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Klapty is easy to use for users, allowing them to store an i...

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Great Tool to Create Virtual Tours
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The entire quality of the software has me quite impressed. I...

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Best virtual software
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I’ve been using Klapty for three months now. And IR...

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Highly satisfied!
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Creating a great virtual tour for the clients is crucial to ...

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Highly recommended!
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I was looking for reliable software to create virtual tour...

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Online education software. Software academies and schools. Control of students, teachers and courses.


Web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system and a self-service customer support platform. Agile, smart and convenient.
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Easy to Get Started
Zendesk is ready to use as soon as you create an account. You don't need to worry about servers or software updates. And because it's web-based, you can access Zendesk anywhere, from any device.

Zendesk Help Desk Software - SAP
"It took us 30 minutes to set up Zendesk and start using it."

Easy to Engage Customers
Meet your customers where they live and connect with them via multiple customer service channels -- web, email, Twitter, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, online chat, community forums, knowledge bases and more.

Zendesk Help Desk Software - Cale Parking
"Our customers are saying they have never seen services like this."

Easy to Scale
Deploy to as many customer service agents as you need whether it's 5, 50, or 500. Zendesk has been deployed by companies with thousands of agents and with tens of thousands of tickets each day.

Zendesk Help Desk Software - Groupon
"Right off the bat, Zendesk was intuitive to use. It could easily scale to support our increasing volume."

Easy to Integrate
Integrate with leading CRM and IT systems including Salesforce, NetSuite, Atlassian JIRA, Google Analytics and 60 more. Use our API to integrate with virtually any other web-based application or back-end system.

Zendesk Help Desk Software - New Zealand Post
"A key requirement was an established, well proven and well documented API."

Easy to Customize
Design your support site to reflect your brand. Configure your support workflow based on your business processes.

Zendesk Help Desk Software - Sony Music
"The transparency of the system is great. It's a very open kind of technology -- easily add things to and export things out of."

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