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Online Business Intelligence

SaaS Software Online Business Strategy by Anomalous Data analysis.

Vicubo Cloud

Vicubo Cloud
The Key platform for Thechnology Watch and Intelligence Competitive.
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Vicubo Cloud is the platform that allows you to conduct your Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence process, extracting strategic information necessary for your organization and providing Competitive Intelligence necessary to be a step ahead of your competition.

The current environment is more and more changing and competitive, so companies need to have quality information in a timely manner. Reducing risks in decision-making is important to know not only the sources of specialized information but also the analysis tools needed to interpret this information so that knowledge converts into intelligence. The solution for this situation is Vicubo Cloud.

Vicubo Cloud is the essential tool to deal with the challenges of the current situation.


  • Identify trends in your environment and be ready for changes
  • Discover business opportunities in the international market and be aware of the latest news, rules, legislation, grants, financial reports, etc.
  • Expand your business by taking advantage of public tenders and new market niches


  • Identify leaders in each market and your position in relation to them, know the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your competition.
  • Analyze the major economic indicators of companies in your area and anticipate the changes.
  • Discover the countries with the highest growth rates in your business area, analyze the market segmentation and the most appropriate entry channels.


  • Identify more productive experts and researchers, companies contacts of your interest and experts and staff competence hiring
  • Detect movements of key individuals and monitor profiles, lists, groups, offers, job applications, Curriculums, hashtags, and others of interest in social networks


  • Collect and analyze patent information of any competitor and of your company, locating potential technology partners
  • Know if your product infringes any existing patentif other product infringes yours, analyze the legal status of patents that block your opportunities and recover your investment in R&D through technology transfer
  • Identify trends in R&D and know if your investment in R&D is properly assigned


  • Monitor competitors pricesproducts
  • Detect any change on the websites of your competitors
  • Get reports about the presence of your competition in social networks and identify the strategies they have carried out
  • Learn when, how and where your competitors win public tendersservices proposals
  • Know when your competitor hassolicits patents, trademarks,royalties

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