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Turtler employee GPS tracking

GPS devices and location sharing with absolute data security and privacy.
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Turtler is a GPS tracking and location sharing application for businesses and individuals.

It offers a platform for companies to: share the locations of their workers with customers, the locations of transport vehicles buses with riders, share the location of temporary eventsservices with attendees and so on. Uniquely, we enable the ability to do this without end users the application, and the dynamic maps can be embedded on their own websites.

Turtler is distinguished by absolute data security and privacy, going above industry standards with encryption, no storage of user data that the user doesn't save, no sharing of data with third parties and much more.

Turtler can also be used for family, child and friend location sharing with a broad range of features.

We also sell a 2-way voice calling GPS device for children, seniors and work teams called the Turtler.

The Turtler app is free-to-use, with a premium level for businesses and a premium level for families - each providing more robust features.

Turtler employee GPS tracking

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