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Online Billing

Online Billing Management

Purchase Control

Purchase Control
Cloud Based Purchase Order Software
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This application is mine is cloud based Purchase Order Software that can be quickly set up for multiple sites and departments without any work from your IT department. It's incredibly easy to use and can pay for it's implementation within months. At the heart of the system is the ability to control exactly who can purchase, and on behalf of what departments. benefits for you:

  • All purchasing information in one place
  • Excellent visibility and control on all purchasing leading to more accurate financial reporting
  • Improved cash flow and accrual figures
  • System aides compliance with many directives such as ISO 9000 / Sarbanes Oxley act etc
  • Saves time when compiling end of year accounts
  • Major reductions in administration overheads
  • Money and time saved across the company
  • Better control of suppliers
  • Data generated can be used for data mining

Create Purchase Orders
Select suppliers, buy something, generate a unique purchase order and auto email it.
Goods Inwards
Reconcile goods when they arrive. Partial or complete reconciliation, reject incorrect goods.

Control everything
Set up new users, new suppliers, new departments, new budgets, new controls, set limits, track budgets and much more.

Reconcile with ease
Reconcile supplier invoices before they go to your accounts package.

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