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VoIP provider that offers call termination service
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Through its partnerships with many leading worldwide telecom companies and its own unique intelligent routing system. Spartel Services chooses the optimal route for each incoming call in order to offer the best call termination and low rate on the VoIP market.

The enthusiasm of our partners suchcall centers, forced us to provide a studied offers in order to respond to expectations of these companies in term of cost, quality, security and best infrastructure.

  • Global coverage of A-Z call termination.
  • Guarantee routing communications "Direct To Carrier".
  • Direct routes to major telecom operators.
  • PREMUIM quality with very attractive rates.
  • Several codecs available to optimize quality and bandwidth.
  • No subscriptionmonthly fees.
  • Full statistics are available in real time.
  • Analytics tools and powerful reporting engine.
  • History of your transactions tracking
  • Full transparency, you know in real time the status of your account.
  • Quality technical support to provide the highest level of support
  • Presentation of the CallerID number and transmission suppliers.
  • Interconnections Support SIPIAX.
  • VoIP QoS settings (Quality Of Service).
  • Codecs G711a, G711u, G729, Gsm, Speex, iLBC.
  • Flexible VoIP Authentication Methods.
  • Support for prepaid and post-paid subscriptions.
  • Simulators of calls, price calculation and minutes remaining on the balance.
  • Notifications and alerts by email.
  • Selection of routes based on intelligent LCRs
  • Indicators: ASR, ACD, PDD
  • High Security against VoIP traffic frauds.

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