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Inventory Management

PackageX Mailroom

PackageX Mailroom is the mailroom management software for smart teams. Make contactless deliveries possible and operate self-serve mailrooms for your business.
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PackageX works at the heart of the latest advancements in machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver world-class mailroom management and delivery automation solutions. Our products are powered by the cloud and are trusted by leading teams WeWork, DelVal University, Symphony Workplaces, and more in 100+ cities across the globe.

Mailroom by PackageX is the new (and smart) way to manage business mailrooms.

Our mailroom management software uses machine vision and AI to automate your mailroom and front desk operations. PackageX Mailroom is easy to use, highly scalable, and works across industries, including:


  1. Higher Education,
  2. Real Estate, and
  3. Virtual Offices,
  4. Co-working Spaces, and
  5. Hotels & Restaurants


How it works?

Simply snap a photo of any packagedelivery label (even handwritten!), and PackageX Mailroom management software will:


  • Automatically extract all relevant information,
  • Match deliveries to the correct recipients,
  • Manage notifications,
  • Send alerts and reminders to all recipients,
  • Collect proof of pickups, and
  • Keep track of every item that enters and leaves your mailroom


Why PackageX Mailroom?


  • Trusted by smart teams at WeWork, DelVal, and more in 100+ cities worldwide
  • 100% powered by the cloud. No specialized hardware needed!
  • Scan packages and notify recipients with the click of a single button
  • Painless inbound and outbound package tracking
  • Quick and powerful search: search by carrier, retailer, sender, sender address,recipient
  • Read printed, handwritten and even partially destroyed labels
  • Users can assign a designated pickup person to collect all of their business's packages
  • Fully contactless delivery management options
  • Real-time data and insightful analytics for smarter mailroom operation management
  • Custom branding features to personalize email communication
  • Access to our "Virtual Mailroom" features. Convenient call to action buttons within your notification emails.
  • Touch and Face ID Login
  • 24/7 access to our world-class customer support team 


  • PackageX Mailroom
  • PackageX Mailroom
PackageX Mailroom

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