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Executive Education System online.


Create and host professional online quizzes
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OnlineQuizBuilder is a web application to create and host professional online quizzes.

It offers the ability to create a quiza test with a mix of subjective, multiple choice, multiple answers, true / false questions with support for image based questions. Coding skills of students can be tested by creating programming tests where quiztakers write their code and execute them using a live compiler against their ownpredefined set of test cases. It also provides the facility to test front-end web designing skills with support for html, css and javascript based questions. Quiztakers write and see their code in action in real time. A unique link is generated to see the designed web-page at any point of time. Any quiz created using this tool provides a set of configurable options which includes timed quizzes, randomized order of questions, activation / deactivation of quiz at any point of time, result publishing, branding and certificate generation. Questions are graded automatically except subjective and web-design questions which need manual grading. The progress of a candidate is automatically saved periodically so the quiz can be restored in case of internet connectivity failure. Once the quiz is over, results can be filtered for shortlisting purpose. Quizzes are designed to be private and are assigned to a group and each member of a group can access the quiz using a unique access token which is generated automatically and sent to quiz takers over email. Self-registration feature is available for each quiz. If it is enabled, candidates can register themselves and approval to a group can be done automaticallymanually. The interface to take the quiz has been designed to be simple yet elegant providing quiztakers with the ability to assess their progress in real time using live statistics of attempted and bookmarked questions. It provides editors where code can be written and tested in a comfortable manner for programming challenges. All user submitted code is run securely in a sandboxed environment. The creator of a quiz can see the actual view of quiz i.e the way it looks to a quiztaker using demo credentials. A quiz can be embedded in any third party websitea blog using an automatically generated piece of code. Quizzes along with explanation for questions can also be printed. This tool provides a very simple and systematic workflow to create and conduct a quiz with a feature-rich and intuitive interface.

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