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Backup and Storage

Online space for backups..


Nomadesk is an easy and secure way to collaborate on and backup critical files from any location. Alleviate the hassles and high costs of traditional document management solutions with Nomadesk.
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Security and Storage

Nomadesk creates a secure area on your local hard drive called a Fileserver. All data stored on a Fileserver is protected by 256-bit encryption. When the Nomadesk application is closed, your Fileservers are invisible, making it impossible for unauthorized individuals to access your private data.

If your computer is ever lost or stolen, you have the ability to remotely "shred" all files and folders on your Nomadesk Fileservers. Nomadesk uses a unique serial number assigned to each device that allows you to execute this action as soon as someone tries to access your Fileservers.

Back up
Hard drives crash and computers get stolen, but that doesn't mean your data will be lost. Every time a file is changed or a new file is saved on your Nomadesk Fileserver, it is backed up to the cloud. Since your files are backed up to servers in the cloud, Nomadesk provides instant disaster recovery.

Access Anywhere

Having your critical files scattered across multiple computers can make it difficult to keep track of them. Nomadesk eliminates this problem by providing a Fileserver to securely consolidate all of your documents, back them up, and synchronize your files and folders across multiple computers.

Synchronization is easy; simply drag and drop or save your documents directly to the Fileserver. Every time you log on, Nomadesk scans the online Fileserver and automatically synchronizes files that have been added or changed by other team members.

Nomadesk's online dashboard allows you to easily manage your files from any computer through a secure connection. You can use the intuitive file manager to view your Fileservers, upload multiple files at once, preview photos, or move, copy and rename files.

With 5 mobile apps designed especially for Nomadesk, you can easily access to your files from any major platform. Mobile apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Sync with Others

In-Depth Sharing
With Nomadesk, your team can work together to review and edit documents in the cloud. You can invite a member to join your team fileserver and control levels of file accessibility. Your data is always up-to-date and available to team members, whether they are online or offline. Nomadesk automatically synchronizes and updates files on the cloud server and across the local drives of your team members.

Ad-Hoc Sharing
Whether you want to share data with an internal team or an external client, Nomadesk provides an easy and secure method for all types of document collaboration. You can email a file OR an entire folder with Nomadesk's exclusive FileLink and FolderLink functions. These actions allow you to control level of access to any file or folder sent, including optional password protection.

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