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Net C

Net C
European free e-mail system that guarantees the respect for the privacy of its users. The only European e-mail system providing a safe service to families and children.
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Net-C in 3 points

An innovative company that offers a true European free e-mail system.

The guarantee of the respect for the privacy of its users.

The only European e-mail system providing a safe service to families and children.

But Net-C is also

One of the first free e-mail providers that has been innovating for 17 years.

A true e-mail specialist providing efficient tools for everyone’s needs.

An independent company, close to its users.

Net-C offers its users

Non-standardised e-mail addresses.

A personalised service where all user data is stored on servers located in France.

Through a partnership with Vade Retro, Net-C offers its users highly effective antispam protection against all sorts of e-mail threats (spam, phishing, viruses). 

Net-C Family & Net-C Junior

Net-C Family is a free service which provides users with mail, a domain name, and a website for the whole family.

Net-C Junior is the only 100% secure mail system for children:

  • Children can exchange e-mails only with the correspondents accepted by parents.
  • Parents oversee their child’s address book from their e-mail address.
  • There are two special interfaces adapted to different age groups (6-9, 10-14).

The respect for privacy

Unmarket leaders, Net-C rejects the practice of e-mail analysing for advertising purposes.

User data is protected by European and French legislation.

Net-C implements the Net-C Charter, which summarises the company’s philosophy.


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