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My Work Scheduler

The My Work Scheduler, is a cloud based application, providing a complete solution to customer service businesses.
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The 'My Work Scheduler' is designed to simplify and enhance the scheduling of customer service work by offering many features sucha drag and drop calendar, text and email communication between business owner, staff and customers, email campaigns for marketing business services to an existing customer base, and much more.

Features & benefits

Simplify Customer Scheduling

  • Simplify, organize and manage the scheduling of customer service work for all participants of your business.

One App, Many Devices

  • The application can be accessed from anywhere and can be used on all devices including smartphone, tablets, iPads, laptops and desktops.

No Downloads

  • Since My Work Scheduler is in the cloud, there is nothing to download and install, just open up your browser and log in.

Remote Access

  • No need for workers to come to the office to get their daily work schedule.
  • Workers can login with their smartphone for example and get their schedule for that day.

Data Security

  • Work from the cloud where service work schedules, staff and customer data are securely stored and backed up.
  • Your business data is created, updated and viewed over SSL security protocol.

Go Green

  • Organize and manage the scheduling of your customer service jobs in a paperless environment.

Email & Text Communication

  • Through text and email, workers can receive notifications of any updates to their daily work schedule.
  • Email customers and staff directly from the application.
  • Click to call buttons and links through out the application allow all participants to quickly communicate with other staff and customers.

Search & Report

  • Search and report on all past, present and future work schedules.
  • Search and report on staff and customer accounts

Customer Account Management

  • Create unlimited customer accounts
  • Bulk import your customer accounts through a spreadsheet
  • Create individual customer accounts through a web form.

Staff Account Management

  • Owner and administrators can create, edit, search and report on staff accounts from the user-friendly Account Interface.

Dashboard for Easy Access

  • Dashboard provides quick shortcut buttons to the main features of the application.
  • Dashboard shows a status bar chart and percentage guages of total, pending, completed and cancelled work schedules for the current year.

Calendar Scheduling

  • Organize and manage your worker's service work schedules in an easy-to-use drag & drop Calendar.
  • Click on an empty time slot in the workers daily, weeklymonthly view to a create a new customer job.
  • Click on an existing customer service job to edit and it.
  • Drag and drop a pending job to another time slot.

Daily Schedule Transfer

  • Reassign a workers daily work schedule to another workermove all the pending jobs of worker's schedule from one day to another in cases of emergency, vacation, appointmentssome other event.

Email Marketing

  • Owner and administrators can send out email campaigns to groups of users suchadministrators, workerscustomers
  • Copy a previous email campaign and resend it.
  • Search and report on all email campaigns.
  • My Work Scheduler
  • My Work Scheduler
My Work Scheduler

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