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Excellent Experience
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Klapty is easy to use for users, allowing them to store an i...

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Great Tool to Create Virtual Tours
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The entire quality of the software has me quite impressed. I...

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Best virtual software
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I’ve been using Klapty for three months now. And IR...

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Highly satisfied!
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Creating a great virtual tour for the clients is crucial to ...

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Highly recommended!
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I was looking for reliable software to create virtual tour...

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Remote Access

Remote access and support to your PC. Remote Desktop and tools to access computers remotely. Control and file transfer.
Meet with clients, co-workers & teams. No softwaresignups needed. Includes easy screen sharing. Best of all, its free.
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This application is mine

A place to meet, hangout and get things done.

Whether you want to meet with a co-worker, hang with your project team members, get help from your teacher,speak to a customer, has made it amazingly simple to meet them face to face online without the need for installing complex software, joining a social network,to add contacts.

Meet face to face online.
Meet with your team mates, customers, clients, board and co-workers online instead of to make the trip to a physical location. Get all the same experiencea face to face meeting but do it online and save time and money.

Hangout with your team, co-workersproject groups.
Hangout with up to 5 people at a time and see them all at once. You can have people drop in and out of your hangout at any time. As more people drop in, the room automatically resizes to completely fit all the participants so you can clearly see everyone at the same time.

Share your Screen
Share your computer screen with the rest of your meetinghangout peers. Share your entire screen a specific application to share. Give product demos and complex presentations all from your own computer screen where everyone can see.


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