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Online application for editing video or publication.


A one-stop solution to help you schedule meetings, record minutes, and devise an action plan.
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MeetingWise is not just an ordinary meeting minutes software - it’s a complete package that helps you make the most of your meetings. Agenda templates make it easier for you to organize meetings and keep your eyes on the ball during conferences.

Meeting minutes help you record and archive priceless ideas - ensuring nothing gets lost in the noise. You can invite internal and external stakeholders seamlessly without to worry about your confidentiality.

Plan tasks on the go and take follow-ups on activity. MeetingWise makes team collaboration hassle-free. Reminders, individual performance reports, domain retrospects, and more. MeetingWise offers a variety of features so you don’t have to hop to different solutions when need be.

Making Meetings Productive

Meetings are often viewedboring and least productive. Though this doesn’t apply to all scenarios, in most cases, meetings are nothing more than exhausting corporate discussions with minimal impact on productivity. MeetingWise is a one-stop solution that transforms the process - making it more interactive and objective-driven.

Execute Priceless Ideas Right away

MeetingWise helps you transform boring and unproductive meetings into action and outcome-oriented. MeetingWise is not just a mainstream meeting minutes solution, it’s a complete package that helps you organize meetings, archive meaningful discussions, and devise an action plan from the ideas. It’s an end-to-end solution - revolutionizing meetings for the better.

Everyone Comes Prepared

With MeetingWise, everyone comes prepared. No more wasting time on meeting briefs - stay focused on the agenda. The tool enables you to share pre-meeting updates - getting everyone connected to the current happenings and concerns up for a debate.

No Distractions

We know it is easy to get sidetracked during discussions. MeetingWise ensures that the meeting discussions follow a list of matters to be taken up - keeping the set agenda in front of your eyes at all times. The tool also facilitates you with agenda templates that come in handy to meeting organizers and drastically reduce the prep time.

Recording Minutes of Meeting

MeetingWise enables you to make the most of forgetful meeting discussions and ideas that are lost in the noise. The tool enables you to record meeting minutesthe conference proceeds and design workflows simultaneously. You can also archive the talk-points for later discussions and follow-up on pointers from previous meetings - making the process interactive and action-oriented.

Devise Action

MeetingWise enables users to create tasks, assign responsibilities, and take follow-ups on the set milestones. You can also give your feedback on the assigned tasks to steer your team in the right direction. Our audio/video conferencing feature comes in handy to collaborate with teams across the board. MeetingWise facilitates you to devise an action plan while conductingparticipating in a meeting. You snooze you lose! Why wait for the meeting to end when you can turn on the execution mode right then and there.

Departmental Retrospect

The road so far. Get the bird’s view of individual performance and the department retrospect. MeetingWise enables you to monitor your progress, identify the loopholes, and raise the alarm before it’s too late. Our solution enables you to highlight productivity concerns swiftly and propose solutions right away.

Secure Invitations

With MeetingWise, you can schedule meetings on the go and send invites hassle-free. You can also invite external stakeholders to attend your meetings without to worry about security. The meeting invites are sent via secure links - ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our users.

Calendar Sync

No more calls, emails, and back-and-forth reminders to ensure the availability of the attendants. MeetingWise syncs with the calendar in real-time and notifies attendants of their presence at the event.

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