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Best virtual software
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Creating a great virtual tour for the clients is crucial to ...

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Highly recommended!
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Store An Infinite Amount of Personal Notes and Files Securely In Your One-Of-A-Kind Swiss Digital Safe
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Create all types of personal and business notes
With DigitalSafe, have all your personal information right at your fingertips. Never worry about remembering a password, credit card PIN or a flight itinerary! Store the information on your personal DigitalSafe and have it everywhere you go.

Label your notes any way you like
Organization in our busy lives can help reduce stress! Label your notes any way you like to help you stay organized in the home, at the office, or on the go. With DigitalSafe’s label feature, staying organized is made easy.

Attach documents to any note
Keep your business or personal documents with you at anytime. DigitalSafe allows you to upload your documents and keep them accessible on your mobile or through a web connection, so no need to carry your laptop or other bulky devices. Store, important documents, like Insurance papers, ID copies, You can also download your pictures too, so you never leave home without your family and treasured friends.

Share your note with anyone
Daughter needs her passport number Or health card number? Coworker needs the latest signed contract? Family member needs password to e-banking? Not a problem. Share notes and documents securely, easily and confidentially right from your mobile or any web connection, without giving your credentials!

Search through notes in a blazing speed
Tired of searching through thousands of emails, sticky notes and loose pieces of papers to find what you are looking for? DigitalSafe’s search feature allows you to find those instantly so you never waste time searching for info when you need it the most!

Access your notes from anywhere in anytime
Whether you are in a business meeting, café, retail outlet, or any other place away from home, access your notes anytime from anywhere on you own personal DigitalSafe. Never leave home without the information you need most. Think of it as your remotely accessible personal safe!

Security is our primary concern
Whether it is physical, network or encryption security, we make sure your information is held in a safe place and manner using bank grade encryption security. We are Swiss based, all of your data is stored in Switzerland in a Swiss bank approved state of the art ISO certified data centre. No one has access to your DigitalSafe, just like a Swiss banking safe. Confidentiality, Security and Reliability are what we live for. If you lose your phone or computer, no problem; no information resides anywhere except in our Swiss data centre, simply access your DigitalSafe from the web or your new mobile device to retrieve all your information instantly and securely. Think of us as your Swiss bank safe for all your personal data!


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