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Ability to alter images online. Create funny images.

piZap, funny photo editor

piZap, divertido editor de fotos online
Function: is a fun & free online photo editor that allows you to upload digital pictures, add funny graphics, fun easy effects, custom text, paint and then save to your computer or the web.
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This application is mine, a free online photo editor featuring fun free photo effects, photo stickers and one click effects for your digital photos. Grab your digital cameras and start taking photos. Easily create wacky images with your digital pictures.

PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, miGente, Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, Tagged, and many more. PiZap provides a very easy to use photo editor that lets you add photo effects, custom text or speech bubbles, hundreds of original colorful stickers, a full painting program, and much more.

PiZap also has built in tools for sending e-cards, downloading your image, embedding your image in any website, or sharing the link directly to your image.

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Fun free photo editor


PiZap is a fun free photo editor oriented to social networks. This tool is not for professional image editing. The purpose is to share your photos more crazy with friends. Also can be used from the Facebook application or from the website. The application interface is not very intuitive and can become confused. But you have many backgrounds, frames, cartoonish faces, icons, effects, and stickers that you can use. No registration required to use it but if you do it, you have other benefits such as sharing galleries, privacy controls, comments, etc.. In conclusion, it is an application for laugh.

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