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miiCard Internet Identity Manager

A miiCard Digital Passport solves the issue of trust online by proving you really are you, just a passportdriving licence does in the offline world
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miiCard’s real-time online identity verification service allows a consumer to prove that “I am who I say I am”, to an Anti-Money Laundering standard, without the need for a physical ID check.  Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard allows the consumer to track, monitor and thus take control of their online identity.  For businesses selling online to consumers, miiCard improves conversion rates, cuts operational cost and fights internet fraud.

miiCard is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and IT expert James Varga who was struck by the ever-present puzzle of how to prove identity online, to the same level of authoritya driving licence passport would do offline, and make the buying and selling of financial products faster and easier.

Each miiCard identity carries with it a Level of Assurance that “you are who you say you are” that is generated purely online and in real time. Unother Internet identity verification services, miiCard focuses on proving your primary identity to a level equivalent to that of a driver’s licencepassport and not simply validating information about you suchan addressNI number.

Simply put, we have a catalyst for change in miiCard – user-centric federated identity that can truly change the way we transact online.  A new proposition in the Electronic Identity and Verification (eID&V) marketplace, miiCard for the first time offers the capability to establish online trust purely online and in real time.  Whilst other identity providers and credit reference agencies validate information about someone – suchtheir address, credit rating and, more recently, some have introduced behavioural aspects suchquestions about transaction history, miiCard validates that a customer is who they say they are.  Equally important to the vendors, the benefits to the consumer are:

  • Security and control of personal data
  • Convenience, consistency and simplicity
  • Trust between parties in a purely online environment

miiCard is a federated identity service which means it sits between the consumer and the vendor (or other consumer) and provides a level of trust between parties.

miiCard supports the United Kingdom, North America, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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