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eyeOS, Cloud Desktop

eyeOS, Escritorio en la nube
eyeOS cloud desktop presents, organizes and manages the users’ data, files and apps.
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The software, in both its Open Source and Professional Edition version, is enterprise software that is installed onto the client’s servers to provide service to employees, external collaborators and/or clients.

eyeOS software creates a private cloud, allowing the system administrator to oversee user data at all times.

It’s up to the administrator to decide how much storage space to set aside for users, the applications they have access to and permitted privileges and functions.

The eyeOS desktop is fully customizable, not only in terms of visual aspects, but also with regard to menu structure and content, be it in the menu bar or right-click options.

  • Your data unified. All in the same place.
  • eyeOS your place in the cloud. The eyeOS virtual desktop is the gateway to your digital world.
  • Real mobility. Work from anywhere.
  • All your programs a click away. Your workspace available at all times.
  • eyeSync. Offline mode with cloud backup.
  • Viewer. View your files from any device.

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