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audriga Groupware Migration

Migrate your mails, contacts, calendars fast, easy and secure from an existing mailbox to a new one without installing any software.
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audriga Groupware Migration service allows you to migrate your data from an existing mailbox to a new one. In most cases email, contacts and calendar items are transfered. No software installation is required. An easy-to-use web interface guides you through the setup process and provides a cockpit to monitor the migration process. Most common systems and providers are supported.  HOW IT WORKS:  Using the audriga Groupware Migration service iseasyusing a webmail system (e.g., GMail). The migration process consists of three steps:   your current mail provider and the new one   Enter the mail accounts   Start the migration and overview its progress   SUPPORTED PROVIDERS / SERVERS:  Many providers are supported (e.g., Gmail/Google Apps, Office 365/Exchange Online, Apple iCloud, Arcor, Yahoo!, 1&1, GMX,, Host Europe, domainFACTORY, 1blu, Jimdo, Rackspace, Intermedia, Strato, T-Online) and additional mail providers can be manually configured.  If you host yourself we support a wide list of servers are supported (e.g., Exchange, Open-Xchange, Atmail, Courier, Cyrus, Dovecot, IMAP-UW, Novell Groupwise, Scalix, TOBIT, Zarafa, Zimbra).
  • audriga Groupware Migration
  • audriga Groupware Migration
  • audriga Groupware Migration
audriga Groupware Migration

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