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Online CRM

Online Software for the administration n of a company, to support the Management Managing relationships with customers, the Sale and Marketing.


Build, deploy and manage responsive pop-ups with the best lead generation software that converts users into subscribers.
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Are you frustrated of abandoning users? Are you looking to nurture your lead generation? Good news we actually have what you are looking for; Visipops, is a lead generation software that can actually help you widen you subscribers base. A customized marketing tool that allows you to design and personalize responsive pop ups based upon the needs of the customers, and that too in a snap. Isn’t it exciting?

Visipops comes with its own built-in suite to optimize your pop up targeting campaigns, and most importantly, its widgets can be easily customized with your CSS, HTML and Javascript. You can actually design pop ups ranging from generic to need based, without compromising the speed and performance of your website.  

Some noteworthy features of Visipops arefollow;


  • Powerful editor – our powerful editor allows you to choose from a wide range of templates to choose from. Moreover, you can also create a pop ad of from the scratch the way you it. Visipops, allows you to build and edit the pop up ads on your own pace, and from the point you left it.
  • Advanced Targeting – With advanced targeting you get to choose who sees your ads and when. Visipops also provides you with the option to market umbrellas, when it’s raining at your customer’s location. Advanced targeting also allows you to segment your target market and cater to their needs more specifically, by designing specific campaigns tailored to the needs of the segments and delivering spectacular results.
  • Built –in analytics – Visipops comes with its own dashboard to track and monitor the performance of your popup ads. Now you can invite website visitors to join your email list with a beautiful, brand-aligned popup form that displays exactly where and when you want it.
  • Personalization - Sometimes a customer needs a nudge. Present your customers with the right information at the right time and they're more likely to purchase. Your customers expect experiences to be tailored to them wherever they interact with you. Start giving your customers what they want and increase conversions.
  • Customization - At Visipops we take site performance very seriously. Our script will only have a marginal, almost negligible, effect on your site's speed and performance.  With its robust customization you don’t need to stress about the compatibility issue. It can easily be linked to you CSS, HTML, and Javascript.
  • Flexible Pricing – Visipops have carefully designed its plan according to the needs individuals, ranging from Individuals to large enterprises. If you’re planning to buy Visipops, now is the right time,we have promotion offer going on. Flat 30% off on plans. We at Visipops understand that customer undergoes a buying journey before buying a product; this is why we are offering a 90-days free trial to get to know the product better.  All the features are free and available on the trial period for all users.


So what’s the wait for? 

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