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StoreHippo,is a SaaS based E-commerce platform providing comprehensive solutions to startups, SMEs and corporates to set up their own online store and mobile web application at affordable prices and quick turnaround time.
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StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform that offers turnkey solution for starting an ecommerce business anywhere across the globe.

The SaaS based platform is designed on the DIY (Do-it- Yourself) model and allows entrepreneurs andwellestablished businesses to set up their online store without any technical help.

This is the first eCommerce platform built on mobile ready technology and offers flexible and scalable solutions for B2BwellB2C businesses.

Benefits: StoreHippo eCommerce platform offers a comprehensive solution and ensures that the online journey of its customers remains smooth and hassle free.

This is the first eCommerce platform built on mobile ready technology and offers flexible and scalable solutions for B2BwellB2C businesses. You can customize and tweak the websitewellthe backend of this platformper your ecommerce business needs.


  • Most Advance Technology: Combined power of MEAN stack and material design give you the best performing sites with the most awesome user experience.
  • Mobile Ready : Reap in the benefits of M-commerce and get traffic and conversions from multiple mobile channel with dedicated mobile site and beautiful mobile responsive themes.
  • 360 degree Solution: Taking an ecommerce business online becomes very easy with one stop solution from StoreHippo. It offers solutions for  end to end business requirements and provides pre integrated services that  take care of pain points of e commerce.
  • Multi seller marketplace: You can extend your store and convert it into a verticalhorizontal marketplace with the marketplace functionality that converts any online store into Amazon marketplace
    Extensive Customization: This platform is extremely flexible and scalable and hence you can tweak it to adapt to your custom business requirements. This makes it a stay on platform even if you start an ecommerce business today and it scales up exponentially later on.
  • Multi-Lingual and Multi Currency Feature: You can have a multilingual site using the language conversion feature. This feature helps you in reaching out to native buyers who otherwise prefer local offline markets. The IP based multi-currency feature changes customer currency depending on her IP thus making it easier to pay and improving sales.
  • Ready for Digital Marketing: The SEO friendly platform offers easy tools and features that make it easy to get high Google ranks even at the start of an ecommerce business. . It is also social media ready and allows you to build your brand's value across various digital channels.
  • Easy Plans: There are many affordable plans to choose from and you can certainly get one that fits your requirement perfectly.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: The DIY platform is so easy you will have fun exploring, learning and using it. It allows you to open your store within minutes.
  • Dedicated Support: StoreHippo offers dedicated support which is ready to listen to your issues and helps you in setting up your store.

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