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Easiest tool for test management
about ReQtest

Using ReQtest for our test management process and happy with...

Ankit Nigam
Ankit Nig
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Asset Infinity is important for Asset Tracking & Management
about Asset Infinity

The MRO approach can help a lot in tagging, tracking and mon...

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Table Widget creator
about QuintaDB

I was able to build searchable table very fast. ...

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Nice SaaS tool
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Nice tool which helped us a lot while working on our volunte...

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Good form builder
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I’ve used it to build simple contact form for my blog....

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Our social solution helps you engage, understand, and leverage your websites users.
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LoginRadius offers a complete social infrastructure solution combining 30 major social platforms into one unified API. With LoginRadius, websites and mobile apps can integrate social login, enable social sharing, capture user profiles and social data, create a single sign-on experience for their users, and get comprehensive social analytics.

Social Login: It shortens and simplifies the process of signing up for any website. The need to complete a registration formcreate a new username and password are gone. Your visitors are happy and more likely to return because they won’t have to remember another login.

User Profile Data: This allows you to get a better understanding of who your users are. The data is sent from the users profile to your database making it easier to develop marketing strategies and targeted email campaigns.

Social Sharing: these widgets make it easier for users to share your posts, products,other content, resulting in huge referral traffic.

Social Analytics: Charts and graphs that show you almost everything you need to know about your users. The statistics are able to tell you how often your page is visited, a post is shared, etc. meaning that you are able to better understand the true reach of your content


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