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Ankit Nigam
Ankit Nig
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Asset Infinity is important for Asset Tracking & Management
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Table Widget creator
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Nice SaaS tool
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Good form builder
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Online accounting

Online Software for managing your company's accounting.


Using our simple interface & bank data importing will cut down on your bookkeeping time by 80%.
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$30 monthly
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We know our app is amazing. Let us show you.
Spend less time doing your books & more time making money.

Your Bookkeeping is Easy!
Your bookkeeping isn't as hard as you think. You need to see who owes you money and bill them. You need to see where you're spending money and record and category expenses. Then invite your tax professional to LessAccounting to download the information they need. See it's simple!

  • Record business expenses
  • Categorize expenses
  • Send invoices and get paid
  • See who owes you money

Track all of your business expenses with LessAccounting, quickly and easily. You can put your expenses into categories, add notes to them, mark them as paid or due, and even upload a picture of your receipt with each expense.

  • Expenses by project
  • Expenses by income type
  • Expenses by category
  • Reminders of due expenses

Send online invoices to any of your contacts, and track payments when you receive them. You can also set up invoices to reoccur whenever you need, and you can even accept payments for invoices via Paypal. You can customize your invoices with our powerful template engine as well.

Start with one of our templates, and edit them to create custom business proposals. These proposals are logged and attached as sales notes to contacts, and you can easily turn proposals into invoices that are ready to send out to clients

Mileage covered on a business trip counts as a business expense, so we've added a neat little feature that allows you to log your trips and mileage. Now you'll never again miss out on an easy opportunity to save a little more when tax season rolls around.

More than just a simple address book, our contact management features give you a robust CRM to keep track of all your clients and contacts. You can import your address book from Highrise, Basecamp, Gmail, and other web apps.

With our reporting tools you can see where all of your money is going to and coming from. Create custom reports and filter them by date, client, tags, and more. You can also keep track of your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll with our reports.

Import Data
We integrate with thousands of domestic US banks and a few hundred international bank. We also have a Quickbooks importer and the ability to upload QIF and QFX files. Our support staff will import and setup your books for free, just ask!

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