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Payroll and HR

Payroll administration and staff of a company.


Free human resources software. It manages employees vacations (with team schedules), absences and withdrawals, automated payroll management, document manager and benefits.
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Factorial is a free human resources software created to solve problems in the management of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Born in September 2016, it has evolved in response to feedback from human resources managers and business managers.

With it you can:

- Manage vacations, absences and casualties of all employees of the company. With a system of levels, the employees through its control panel can request the vacations and these must be approved by its responsible. By means of a visual calendar with the employees' faces, it will be possible to visualize the periods of absence of each worker and avoid overlaps. It has filters that allow you to visualize the availability of each equipment in the company.

- Management of employee payrolls. Compatible with A3 and other management software, will allow you to automatically distribute all payrolls and each employee will have their control panel in the history of these.

- Document manager. Have in one place all the organized documents of the company and each employee contracts, DNI and other documents.

- Security: given the importance of the documents and the sensitive information that we handle, one of our priorities is security, counting with the most advanced technologies and certificates of encryption.

- Benefits: to increase happiness and increase the purchasing power of employees factorial has a catalog of benefits of flexible retribution suchfood checks, insurance, transport tickets and nursery and more with which youresponsible for employees can increase Their purchasing power without to make an additional economic effort.

- Free support: yes, in factorial everything is free and our team of technicians will help you in the use of software and advice.
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