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Ankit Nig
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Table Widget creator
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Nice SaaS tool
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Online CRM

Online Software for the administration n of a company, to support the Management Managing relationships with customers, the Sale and Marketing.

Compass Wave

Compass Wave is an Estimate Tool to help price your cleaning jobs and allow customers to get INSTANT Estimates!
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Compass Wave is an Estimate Tool to help price your cleaning jobs and allow customers to get INSTANT Estimates! You'll have the ability to ask prospective customers questions, and associate those questions with the costs that make up the bottom line of your cleaning business. If you're looking for software that can help you run your Cleaning Business more efficiently, and give you the estimate tools needed to drive prospective customers to your business, then look no further than Compass Wave.

Collect the information that's important to your cleaning business and focus on cleaning, not performing estimates.

Estimate Tool

  • Our Estimate Tool allows you to create estimates without an in-person evalution.
  • Change the appearance of Estimate Tool.
  • Utilize the Calculation PDF to build more accurate estimates.
  • Evaluate your Questions and Cost Drivers.

 Online Estimates

  • Add Questions to customize your Estimating Tool for your business.
  • Embed the Estimate Tool directly into your website.
  • Generate Online Estimates and turn Prospects into Customers with ease.

 Customer Database/CRM

  • A list of all prospects that have utilized your estimate tool.
  • Convert Prospects into Customers and track them in separate sections.
  • Click on any Prospect to see more information, including the estimate.

 Email Notifications

  • Your cleaning business will receive an email notification when an estimate is created.
  • The Prospect will receive the estimate via email and pdf.
  • Easy sales follow up with any Prospect.


  • Compass Wave
  • Compass Wave
  • Compass Wave
Compass Wave

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