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Archer RFP

Archer RFP takes the pain and inefficiencies out of the RFP process and gives you the analytical and management tools to streamline everything from the creation of the RFP to the evaluation phase of the process.
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With Archer RFP you manage all aspects of the RFP process from anywhere, easily and securely. Archer RFP makes managing the best RFP a simple 4-step process:


  1. Draft and customize the RFP to meet your organization’s precise needs
  2. Invite vendors via email and have them submit their responses online
  3. Vendors complete the RFPs and include all supporting documentation
  4. Compare vendors side-by-side with analytics and scoring


Drill-down sections, weighted scores, and detailed reports helps you make the best data-driven purchasing decision. You can be sure that all the evaluators are working from the same data set. This streamlined process allows you to make better purchasing decisions faster.

Features include:


  • Web based solution—manage your RFPs from your browser on any device, eliminating the need for specialized software
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multiple templates to help you get started quickly
  • RFPs are highly customizable—create sections, questions, and customize the project to fit your exact need
Benefits include:
  • Manage all of your supporting documents
  • Invite vendors via email
  • Manage deadlines and timelines
  • Organize clarifications and communications
  • Secure, authenticated access from the device of your choice


Analytical capabilities include:


  • Gather response and view RFPs side-by-side with drill down capabilities
  • In-built Bid Leveling with a weighted grading mechanism
  • Analytics and visibility via dashboards and reports
  • Manage projects using your dashboard that shows you draft, pending, waiting, and received RFPs 
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Excellent, personalized support


Try it today! You'll find Archer RFP Delivers Advanced Tools and a Streamlined Process for all Aspects of the RFP Process.

Archer RFP also supports RFI projects. 

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