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Alinto Protect

Alinto Protect
Last generation of messaging relay, Alinto Protect answers CTO needs. It is a solution: “on-demand”, ultra-secured and without integrating imposition.
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The security package allows to filter the incoming and outgoing messages with an anti-virus and anti-spam system. The anti-spam filter combines five technology processes: content analysis by Bayesian algorithms (“statistic” filter), the scoring of the messages (“heuristic” filter), management of the White-List by the administrator, the identification of transmitters trough ORDB and RBL (“collaborative” filter). In addition, the continuous updating of data combined with a 24/7/365 monitoring of the system, guarantees a powerful anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

The spam quarantine classify the suspicious email and slide them into a retention area. Via a Webinterface, the user controls all the blocked senders, he can call a message as false negative (message that was not recognized by the system as spam). A summary report of the recently blocked messages will be sent to the user by e-mail. The mail-server becomes more efficient this way, liberated from unwanted e-mails.

The Business Continuity Plan guarantees the continued availability of the mailbox. It protects the user from server breakdowns and other incidents that stop the access to their mailbox. If you encounter difficulties, the user has a secure web-mail. The Alinto Protect Web-mail has the essential functions of a mail client (read, write, transfer, …).

The archiving function of Alinto Protect guarantees the storage of incoming and outgoing e-mails in the company. It protects against data loss (due to incorrect handling, theft, fire, …) and keep the information of the company (business letters, accounting files, legal documents, …). The archive can be applied to all electronic messages, either automatically or by setting specific criteria to fit the working methods of the user. Emails are stored in a virtual safe deposit box, and always remain available.

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