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Alinto PRO

Alinto PRO
Alinto Pro is a groupware composed with complementary solutions which answers to the companies expectations in terms of security, availability, and mobility needs. Its services are deployed functions of needs to guarantee a relevant offer and a controlled
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Consult and manage. With the help of multiple access, you can check and manage your voice mail from everywhere. Your e-mail messages are permanently available on a computer (Web-mail) or on a mobile device (WAPMail). The Alinto Pro mailbox is compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird and other e-mail programs (via POP and IMAP). The offer provides an expandable memory. Its customizable interface can be integrated into the company's own design. The creation of aliases, the collection of messages from multiple email accounts, incoming emails filtration are just some of its features.

Secure your mailbox with the help of a proven and very powerful anti-virus and anti-spam filter. There are also a 24/7/365 monitoring and an SSL encryption (network protocol for secure transmission of data) to assure the optimal reliability and availability of the services.

Unify your messaging by taking advantage of the services: Mail to Fax, Fax to Mail or Mail to SMS.

Share calendar and contacts with colleagues. Access to a common business directory.

Operate large files to edit. Sending attachments is not complicated anymore. Store and share documents on your web-mail area.

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