• What is SaaS Applications?

What are SaaS Applications?

SaaS is a model of software online that facilitates the resources necessary for a concrete service, by means of the payment for use. Though they start seeing traditional programs (ERPs who install to themselves in the servants and positions of a company), that graduate in modality SaaS, we think that they are not applications SaaS in strict sense.
The principal characteristics that there must fulfill a software SaaS, are:

  • It does not need installation in the working places.
  • Access online with Internet.
  • Pay for use, without initial investments.

The hosting of the service is in servers of the Supplier, under maximum safety, realizing copies and periodic updates. This liberates the Company of the maintenance of the Software, everything is included. Only with connection to Internet and without need of other softwares, it will be possible accede to the tool SaaS with freedom of schedules and movements.

The SaaS software offering an improved work efficiency by automating processes, minimizing time and increasing productivity. The data will be centralized and integrated and can share information with other departments or individuals.

And above all there are a number of features that expand its use among small businesses:

  • No initial investment required.
  • Reduced cost of pay per use.
  • All inclusive: software, accommodation, copies, etc..
  • Usually you can "test" the software before you hire (the free and functional version with some functionality unless the paid versions).